A bear character resting after a hard day of work.
At the end of each day, Billy sits on the usual bench and observes the orange-colored sun at the end of the horizon. He philosophises about the values he and his friends represent and falls asleep.
What everyone is wondering...

Why bears?

Bears are extremely versatile. There are cute bears. Strong bears. Little bears. Big bears. They appear as gummi bears, mascots or heroes. Feel comfortable in arctic cold or tropical heat. They are intelligent and peaceful, but they can also take action and are more agile than most people think. In short: They are as versatile and exciting as our team. Can you feel the bear in you? Then get to know us.

Discussions on the go

Technology, creative brainstorms or simply the weather. As a team, we enjoy exchanging ideas and thinking together about what the future could bring. By sharing knowledge and inspiring each other, we are constantly learning and are one step ahead. This mindset enables us to create unique digital products that are relevant and meaningful. So that together with our customers we will still be relevant for many years to come. This is what we have made our mission.

The somewhat different agency

The fact that we call ourselves bears is already an indication that we are somewhat unconventional. This unconventional nature runs through our way of thinking and working. Unlike other agencies, we also attach great importance to communication, trust and a personal relationship with our clients. We think along with you and are happy to assist you in an advisory capacity.

Out of the ordinary

Our gang of bears

We consist of six core bears with networking to a large pool of freelancers. At home in the heart of the Rhineland, we are easy to reach from many major cities. From Dortmund to Aachen via Cologne and beyond, we are ready for action.

Co-Founder & CEO

Louis Rose

Since my youngest childhood I have been fascinated by consoles, computers and the digital world. So with the founding of bias, a little dream came true. Besides the usual organizational madness, I'm always looking forward to sitting down with our team and developing great software.