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In the morning, sleepy as usual, Billy rushes to his customers. Problems? Suggestions? New project? Always available and transparent, a new day at bear in a suit starts.
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What nobody wants to talk about...

How do we deal with pricing?

The all-decisive question: 'Can I even afford it?'. We at bias Interactive want to make dreams come true above all else. To make sure that this happens in the best possible way, we see it as our job to start the project together as transparently as possible.

What does it cost?

Price calculator

Of course, we don't want to leave you alone to ponder what it actually costs to have a project developed that is as strong as a bear. Answer us a few questions and our sophisticated Honey-AI™ can give you a rough price estimate. With a transparent work estimation we can start on common ground.

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Oh no! Where is the price calculator?

Unfortunately, the price calculator is not available at the moment. Our Honey-AI™ experts are currently working on improving the price algorithm to give you a more accurate and realistic estimate.

Ready to rock?

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